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Fellowship in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery
(FMBS) at AIG hospitals. (OSSI)

Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society of India (OSSI) is conducting a 1 year clinical fellowship program in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (FMBS). The fellowship committee has brought about an extensive and well structured syllabus. All those members and non-members including international surgeons who fulfil the guidelines and criteria laid down by the fellowship committee will be eligible to apply for the fellowship program. However, non-members have to complete the membership formalities before applying for FMBS.

All certified "Center of Excellence" hospitals will be running one year clinical fellowship program every year. One eligible candidate’s application will be forwarded to the respective participating hospital before the end of March every year. Once cleared, the candidate will be completing the course as per the core curriculum. The candidate is expected to read and follow the guidelines below and submit all required documents online at the end of the term. Successful fellows will be felicitated during the following annual OSSICON after the board’s clearance.

Foreign Nationals are required to submit a Temporary Registration Certificate from Medical Council Of India through the program director of the participating hospital. Applicant is requested to get in touch with the respective program director for the same. The certificate process will take at least 8-10 weeks to be issued and hence the applicant need to start the process well in advance. For more information on how to apply and the eligibility criteria please write an email to or get in touch at +918087358725


Fellowship of National Board (FNB) in Bariatric Surgery at AIG hospitals.

The National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) offers Fellowship of National Board (FNB, Bariatric Surgery .  AIG Hospitals is the only center in india where FNB in bariatric surgery is started under the guidance of Dr Abhishek Katakwar. below content needs to be typed in sequence.

FNB Bariatric Surgery or Fellow of National Board in Bariatric Surgery also known as FNB in Bariatric Surgery is a doctoral fellowship program for doctors in India that is done by them after completion of their postgraduate medical degree course. The duration of the FNB course is for 2 years.

The purpose of Fellowship education in bariatric surgery is to provide a structured educational and training experience necessary to achieve expertise in bariatric and metabolic surgery as well as further the cause of research in this field. Dedicated professionals are required to not only perform safe surgery but also do active research.


The course is a full-time course pursued at AIG Hospital, Hyderabad, Telangana according to the NBE accredited list for the year 2023.

Candidates can get admission to 2 years FNB course after successfully qualifying for the FET (Fellowship Entrance Test) examination which NBEMS conducts. FET is conducted annually as per the prescribed schedule. The merit-based counseling for admissions to the FNB Programme after the conduct of FET is administered by NBEMS.

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