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My Experience as a Runner.

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Honestly running was never in my genes, I don't remember any stories even of my forefathers about running. I am an amateur runner and my journey of being runner is inspired by many like Mr Rajendra jaiswal from Nagpur, who proudly explain about knee ailments he had to an extent that one of the leading orthopedic surgeon advised knee replacement to him, then he started running at the age of 40’s. Gradual, graded and proper training has made him a full marathon runner.

Let me make running more interesting, like any other love story my love for running is two years old which had many breakups. And finally in 2018 beginning i decided to be committed and dedicated when I joined “Couch to 5K” organized by Hyderabad runners club (an non-profit organization with credit of organizing Hyderabad marathon). Truly speaking for last few years I had all possible excuses to join this excellent protocol based training program like professional and lack of time, but this time I made up my mind, reason being reaching 40’s can motivate you a lot.

As mentioned love story are usually not easy going, so obviously my running love too had lot of ups and down during my training but consistency and motivation from fellow runners kept me on toes.

Are you new to marathon running !!! My Advice

1. First few weeks are going to be difficult (Like any new relationship), when your body tries to deny and resist any change in habit. So listen to your brain and try to convince your body.

2. Obviously there will be few mornings when you don't want to get up because you slept late or yesterday was tiring, It is just a matter of first few minutes after getting out of bed. Also remember first few kilometers would be difficult during beginning but eventually you get accustomed.

3. “Solo running doesn't last more than few days, i have done it several times” at least for me. So go out join some running group and breath fresh air instead of running on treadmill.

4. “Compete with yourself”, as marathons are about running and completing it and not about securing first or second position as every finisher is a winner.

5. “Don’t be paranoid”, first you need to understand your limitations, endurance or fitness level so never compare your performance with any other, instead set goal for yourself about pace and distance.

6. “Breathing is the key” during initial days you may easily get breathless or fatigue. It’s all because of wrong breathing technique. Now the next question would be “how to breath during running” my experience says

• Breath from nose (you may even try inhaling from nose and excelling from mouth).

• Don't hold your breath while running but have a control on the rate of breathing, because its normal physiological defense mechanism of human body to hold breath during stress conditions. So let be voluntary breathing for initial days until your body adopts to breathing.

• Look forward at horizon and keep your arms at side making your chest come forward (that will increase your lung capacity)

Happy running, Author (Dr Abhishek katakwar) is an bariatric & metabolic surgeon based at

Asian institute of gastroenterology, Hyderabad.


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