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Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Mindfulness is something im sure many of you have heard by now. It requires you to pay close attention to what is happening in the present moment without any interruptions from thoughts of the past or future. It requires one to be aware of what is happening inside your body as well as your mind simultaneously. For example, you may notice how every time you think of all the chores you have to do, or family stress etc. you may develop a headache or an upset stomach. Being mindful is very simple, you can begin by noticing simple things in the moment such as, noticing the blooming flowers on your way to work that you’ve often overlooked because you haven’t been present. The main thing to remember about being mindful is that you become an observer of your own life, you mustn't judge anything that happens as good or bad, they just are happening and you are observing from a distance instead of having an emotional reaction, but still put thought into your observation.

When you become mindful, you become more aware of your body and it’s needs. You start listening to its cues and it becomes more clear to you what your body needs and craves, and the majority of the time it is never craving junk food and lazy naps. You become aware of the food you are eating and the value it is giving to you as you observe your body’s reactions to a healthier lifestyle once you become more aware. Because of this your life will transform in terms of health. It greatly helps you deal with stress and anxiety as you learn to focus on the task you have in the moment rather than worrying about events that haven’t even occurred yet. It allows you to live your life in the moment and enjoy it.

Mindfulness, like any other task requires practice. It is very simple to incorporate mindfulness in your daily life activities from reading an email, to doing household tasks and even taking a shower. You can simply start by noticing all the physical sensations you are going through, such as your feet on the ground, your fingers on the keyboard, the sound being produced and just focusing on your breath, this will help bring you back in tune with the present moment.

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